Please select a process to see the advantages of HiPIMS coatings AluCon®, FerroCon®, InoxaCon®, SteelCon® and TapCon®Gold in comparison to conventional coatings.

Increase in tool life of
78 %
with InoxaCon®

Why choose CemeCon HiPIMS Technology?

  • The performance peaks with the HiPIMS process form a high-energy plasma that ionizes the deposited materials at unprecedented levels. The high flux of highly ionized species results in very dense and nearly completely amorphous coating structures.
  • The high metal ionization ensures the best possible adhesion. A scratch load of 120 Newton is an outstanding resulst for the silicon-doped, and therefore very hard, coating. FerroCon®, based on AlTiN results in a scratch value of up to 130 Newton. This enables to machine the most difficult materials.
  • The high ionization makes the coating structure very dense and compact. Such a fine grain morphology is likewise hard and tough. Coatings grow extremely homogeneous when HiPIMS is used for the deposition. Also, very complex tool geometries will receive approximately the same coating thickness all around the cutting edge.
  • HiPIMS is a Sputter process. Almost any material can be sputtered. This means an unlimited material variety in coatings production through diverse combinations of the elements of the periodic table.
  • Suitable for micro tools. Free of defects and no antenna effect. The HiPIMS process can even be used with very small geometries, since it does not produce any droplets and does not damage or round cutting edges.
  • Excellent productivity, through deposition rates of up to 2 µm/h pure HiPIMS.

„New approaches in coatings, new kinds of cutting materials, new approaches with geometries. Coating technologies like HiPIMS show a high potential for extending tool service life.“
Lothar Horn, Chairman of VDMA Precision Tools
Statement made at the annual press conference of the Professional Association of Precision Tools at the VDMA on 13 January 2016 in Frankfurt am Main




Coating temperature
500 °C
1000 °C
500 °C
Max. coating thickness
4 µm
10-15 µm
12 µm
Residual stresses of the coating
High compressive
Tensile stress
Residual stress management for low compressive stress
Thoughness of the coating
Very high
Ease of production
No (precursor)
High (all materials, all substrates)

You are the customer.
The choice is yours.

You coat with our coating equipment within your own production line.

  • CC800® HiPIMS combines all the advantages of the classic DC Sputter coating system with the possibilities afforded by the latest HiPIMS Technology. You produce all CemeCon Sputter coatings, virtually all the PVD coatings available on the market and all pure HiPIMS coatings yourself.
  • The CC800® HiPIMS operates extremely economically. In the pure HiPIMS mode, the system achieves deposition rates of 2 μm/h and processing times of 4-5 hours with a filling rate of up to 1,800 tools or 5,000 cutting inserts being processed.
  • The CC800® HiPIMS is the perfect machine for the development of custom-built processes for the differentiation of the customers products on the market.
  • The CC800® HiPIMS is of course user-friendly, ergonomic and designed for efficient use at customer production facilities.

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We coat according to your order in our job coating center.

  • Premium coating quality
  • Many years of experience from one of the world's largest coating centres and access to expert engineers on-site
  • Special production lines for cutting inserts and shank tools ensure the individual and professional handling of your tools

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